Hey there!

I'm Connie Jakab.

I’m here to help you be brave to Create something incredible in your life, home, school, or workplace. I do this work because I believe that we get to be culture creators of the world around us. Let’s create something Amazing!

I am a speaker, author, and the CEO of the Jakab Co where we are restoring homes, and creating cultures of connection in workplaces and schools.

I work with...

  • Women who dare say a brave Yes to their dreams

  • Education ready to reimagine wellness in schools

  • Workplaces who want to design meaning and innovation in their work and staff

Perhaps life isn't a problem to be solved,

but beauty to create.

If you're feeling disappointed and weighed down by life...

...wondering if you have any bravery left in you, I've been where you are. If you're a leader tired of the same old ways of doing things that don't work, feeling nothing will ever change. If you're that person who is trying to lead positive change in your family or work, only to see little results...

Oh, I've been there.

I'll never forget the years of struggle I went through to find my brave belonging, spending so much time trying to please everyone and losing myself in the process. Hiding the leader and culture creator I was so I wouldn't rock the boat.

I'll never forget the crisis we went through as a family with our boys and almost seeing our marriage fall apart.

I am grateful to say that through it all there's always Beauty that rises from the ashes of our lives.

This is where I can help you bring Life back to your...





I want everyone to know that they are brave and they belong

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What those I've worked with are saying

Connie shifted who I thought I was.

Connie spoke to the deep places within myself that called out for more. Places that had been existing in survival mode.

Bring Them Closer - Parent Edition

If you're a parent who's child is struggling with anxiety, depression, opposition, ADHD, or suicide ideation - I wrote this book for you.

In this book I give you practical tools to help your child or teen based on my mental health and resilience background, but more importantly, my own personal experience with our son who went through this.

It's real, it's raw, and it gets to the the root of how you can truly create change.

Bring Them Closer - Teachers Edition

Teachers weren't trained for what they experience in the classroom today. Many are experiencing burnout trying to teach the diverse mental and emotional needs of their students.

This book is a practical guide to help teachers navigate the waters of teaching students in today's world. It includes practical applications from Heather Bell-Williams, a newly retired Principal who was in education for 35 years.


I'm Connie.

I am the CEO of the Jakab Co, author, speaker, and culture creator. I work with other culture creators to see their dreams come to fruition, as well as help schools, workplaces, and homes design connected cultures that bring people to life.